Here's one I made earlier!

So four months into my journey with Sheyna, I have decided to make my own jewellery. I have watched endless YouTube videos, I have the books, I have spent a tidy sum on tools and equipment, and my kitchen looks like a shoddily organised workstation. I have even scattered a few garden building brochures strategically around the house for subtle hints that a new workshop would be a fabulous idea!

Anyway, I have discovered that the people on YouTube may have unwittingly given me a false idea of how easy it all is. It really isn't. For one, it takes time, much more time that the twenty minute videos would have you believe. Their Blue Peter-esque, 'here's one I made earlier' tricks have had me fooled. Beautiful jewellery takes time and patience and most importantly, planning. None of which I had, or did, when I opened that first packet of silver clay

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