Make a plan

There are a few things that I have learnt while I have been playing with silver clay. Mostly things that I have learnt because things have not gone to plan.....and therein lies the first lesson.....make a plan!

Sketches of jewellery designs
Plan your work in advance

Silver clay is quite expensive, so any mistakes that can't be reclaimed can end up being costly. Making a plan of what you intend to make before you open the packet is a great idea, and getting it down on paper, with a detailed drawing is the best way. Winging it is probably best for when you've been at it for a long while and no longer a novice.


YouTube wasn't built in a day

Another lesson that I have learnt is patience. YouTubers might be presenting their amazing creations in minutes, but in reality that does not happen. I tried to make multiple pieces all at once, expecting them to be finished and looking perfect by the end of play. I was very wrong...beautiful jewellery takes time. It takes attention to detail and a lot of sanding!....and remembering to sand the clay before you fire it is something I sadly forgot, leaving a lot of hard work for afterwards. Had I chosen to just make one thing at a time I may just have remembered this, but in my eagerness to have a whole handmade collection to launch all at once, I threw my pieces into the flames without a thought for the much needed preparation.....and as for the piece (okay pieces) that I melted (on two separate occasions!), remember to read your kiln instructions, because they are actually quite important!

A pair of hands with a paintbrush and a bead. A worktop scattered with various shaped beads and tools
Refine the clay before you fire

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