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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

This is definitely not me...or my dog!

The man in the image is not me:

  1. I am not a man, I am a much older woman

  2. Just look how tidy and organised that space behind him is, and why isn't that dog leaping on the table to eat that pastry?

I wonder just how many times they had to repeat this set up to get the dog not to eat the food and get the perfect photo. I have a dog, a Harvey, a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier or 'shit terrier' as he is fondly known, he would not lick my face first in an attempt to soften my emotions and let him have a tiny, he would be on that table at the slightest whiff of a bare scrap of is far to short for a shit terrier to waste on niceties! Another thing I have noticed about this pristine' working from home' space, where the pans are there purely for decoration, having not even a splash of spaghetti bolognese on them, is the table....the bare, clean, crumbless, paperless, penless, tissueless and might I also say, tablematless table. It is just simply far too clean and tidy to be my workspace!

This is a picture of a dog. A shih tzu crossed with a yorkshire terrier.
Harvey the Shit Terrier


My genius plan...

The reason behind this blog, as of course I know that you are wondering, is that three weeks ago I made the decision to introduce Sheyna to the world.

I thought it was a great idea to start my own business selling sterling silver jewellery. I've always wanted to run my own shop...some idyllic little giftshop in a dreamy English seaside town would be perfect, but starting a shop has a lot of upfront costs involved and also, I do not live anywhere near a dreamy English seaside town so the daily commute might be a bit too much effort. My genius plan involved an online really couldn't be that difficult...could it?


Incontinence pants and the menopause

Now we all know that our phones somehow listen to all of our conversations and have a clever way of placing ads about the exact product we have been talking about right in front of us, well my ads lately, aside from the ones about incontinence pants and the menopause, have all been about how to be successful on social media.....

Grow Your Business in 10 Easy Steps!
Get 10,000 followers by midnight!
Be Powerful on Social Media!
We can make your online business an overnight success!
Pay us lots of money to give you some advice that we probably got for free somewhere

You get the idea right?...well I've had a look at some of these masterplans and hot tips (the free ones of course) and one that caught my eye was 'share photos of your working space', apparently customers really want to see this and it will get me lots of 'followers' and 'likes'......really? I have just looked around my workspace....there are unwashed dishes from breakfast, a pile of laundry on the floor in front of the full and running washing machine, a bag of fabrics waiting to go to the charity bin and a bag of various items waiting for someone to buy them on facebook marketplace. My table is covered with paperwork that needs to be filed, stock waiting to be packed and posted, an open diary, of course table mats scattered randomly, empty mugs, a selection of pens, hair brush and accessories....and just underneath the table the dog is trying to hump the cat! I'm not sure there is a photo editing app available that can make my workspace instagram perfect... so I'm going to skip that one step for today and forego not getting my 10,000 followers by midnight.

There's always tomorrow of course...

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